Look Ahead


This is the Coolum Public Art commission completed for SCRC in December 2012 and is part of the caravan park fence.


The brief asked to consider -  The nostalgia of coastal camping and caravanning, the pedestrian priority,  casual transient journey … surprises!  and my response was to create something that can grow on the community.
There are 3 approaches [north, south and west] to the place with a different perspective from each approach.

This work is about walking and discovering the paths in Coolum and the short cuts, which happens more when you are on holidays or relaxing.
Some people look up when they walk and some look down. The two heads in the work [a play on the look ahead title] are doing this, but if you look ahead you will see the potential for a new path.
The fence has been reconstructed with 'fencing' materials plus a slight twist to create an illusion of a short cut to the beach. It is only obvious from one point, so if you are looking up or down, as you go by, you may not notice the possibility.
The fence was reconstructed using 'fence' materials and a slight twist to create an illusion of a path to the beach.

It's only a fence.


-the caravan is a great public place that needs more public permeability. Building a fence creates a gated community that can have better connections to the community
-this apparent shortcut to the beach is for the walkers in the community and 'opens' up this public shortcut possibility, the idea can grow on the community.
-the heads are framed so that they are part of the 'picture' - some will see the heads and not the path - look a head!

look ahead from the southern approach

A big thankyou to all who helped -









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